La Tana Gift Card
The Risotto Rations BoxThe Risotto Rations Box
The Flavour Bomba! BoxThe Flavour Bomba! Box
The Uno Spuntino! Basket
Sold out
The Piccola Festa! Basket
The Grande Festa! Basket
Wood Heirloom Pasta Tool Set - 6 Pieces
Sold out
Mattarello Rolling Pin - Sapele
Sold out
Bread Dough, Pastry or Pasta Bench ScraperBread Dough, Pastry or Pasta Bench Scraper
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Square Ravioli Stamp
Round Ravioli Stamp
Double Brass Cutter
Sold out
Flower-shaped Ravioli StampFlower-shaped Ravioli Stamp
Rectangle Ravioli Stamp
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Chitarra Pasta Maker
Sold out
Triangle Ravioli StampTriangle Ravioli Stamp
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The Pasta Man Cookbook
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Mastering Pasta Cookbook
Pepino's HatPepino's Hat
La Tana HatLa Tana Hat

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